Monday, November 28, 2011

                      Graphic illustrating information regarding estimated facility requirements and benefits.

Project Concept Diagram

This is a project concept digram illustrating scales of impact in regard to the sustainability and synergistic nature of the program elements the Barry and Aberdare teams are proposing

Current Media Attention

We have since presented to a collection of interested parties in our regeneration project for Barry & Aberdarre (November 24th)

There has been a radio interview with BBC Radio “Good Morning Wales”
Please find the interview at 21 minutes 45 seconds – 25 minutes 35 seconds
We will also be presenting to Huw Lewis (Minister for Housing, Regeneration and Heritage)
on December 1st.

Graphic Illustrating the Graduate Student's Capstone Component of the Project

Willow Chart Illustrating Willow Processing

Current Products

The design charette of both the Barry and Aberdare sites were a resounding success, resulting in a complete masterplans for both. The next phase of this was for each individual to do an independent site scale design with more focus and detail while still keeping the same context and ideals of the masterplan. The team has since compiled independent projects regarding site specific components of their team site, i.e. ( 6 site scale projects for Aberdare and 3 site scale projects for Barry.

Aberdare Masterplan

The Aberdare team used their collective concept of the site in combination with their independent explorations to produce this Aberdare Masterplan